Everyone’s got a story to tell. But not everyone has the ability to narrate their own history or even know where to start. You, The Movie is designed to tell personal and professional stories through skillful and compelling interviews. Couple this with great imagery and music and you walk away with a singularly unique moving story.

My personal You, The Movie was done for my mother on her 90th birthday. Party guests cried, laughed and cheered throughout the piece. Though my mother is now gone, I still hear from family how much they treasure the video. We showed it during her memorial service and again, everyone cried, laughed and cheered throughout the piece! Yes, Hazel is no longer with us, but her spirit, her story, lives on – and in her own words.

You, The Movie provides an historical, intimate, funny, one of a kind legacy for families (think birthdays and anniversaries) and businesses (think professional milestones and retirements). They also make great marketing pieces (think branding or affirming).

What do you get someone who has everything? What can you share decades after a loved one is gone? What can capture moments in time so they aren’t forgotten?

You have a story to tell. What are you waiting for? Let You, The Movie tell it.

Hazel Hugo Yvonne Art_Guys Zulu Dao