Mother Tucker


Hi. Welcome to my lounge. Why Mother Tucker? Well, that’s the name a client of mine gave me years ago when finding out I was going to name my son, Tucker. Mother Tucker…just enough insult and admiration to inspire the name for this site.

I’m looking down the age barrel of 60 and starting life all over again. I’m proof you can get knocked off your feet and trampled on by people you trusted, loved and supported and get back up and not hate them. That safe is a four-letter word and re-invention sucks until it finally feels right. That walking through fire is both a metaphor and a way to live life. That giving and receiving humor will see you through anything and everything. And that Truth has this sneaky, diabolical way of catching you, holding you down and forcing you to listen to it.

I crawled out of a hole so deep that it took three years of showering just to get the dirt off. And somehow my eyes (well, the one that still works) are now open to genuine love and lovemaking, joy, curiosity and unfettered freedom.

I’m still recovering, writing regularly, designing and building my dream home, cooking, gardening and raising my 12 year-old son with my wonderful guy at my side. I’ve got less years ahead of me than I have behind me, but I refuse to give up on my dreams or act my age.

I’m living proof that if I can take a powerful left hook to the eye and give an even stronger right hook back, than anyone can.

So grab a drink and relax for a bit in Mother Tucker’s Lounge, where I hope I’ll provide a laugh and some insight into how I navigate, view and live in this brave, new world.